Imagine something extraordinary: lasting quality, inspired construction and, most importantly, peaceful gardening. An old-fashioned tradition with contemporary class. Authentic and elegant style. Perfect for a book and a rainstorm, or for hosting a cocktail party in your own personal botanical paradise – any season of the year.

I couldn’t wait to have our greenhouse installed. It’s the perfect addition to our backyard and the crown jewel of our garden. And, I can start my seeds two months earlier.
— Kenneth D.
I love to hide from my husband in our new home-attached greenhouse. I typically bring along a book and a big glass of wine – sometimes I even let him come with me.
— Deborah P.
The structural integrity on this greenhouse is nothing short of miraculous. I returned from an out-of-state vacation to find that 14” of snow had fallen – the load-bearing roof didn’t flinch. Not only that, but being able to tend to and appreciate my plants in the middle of a Wisconsin winter is a godsend.
— Evan J.


303 South Paterson St. #4
Madison, WI 53703



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